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The Scooter Doctor was established in North Carolina in 2007.  We are an distributor of Scooters and ATVS.  We carry brands like Peace Sports, Gator, QT Series, Magnum, and many more.   Although while we are trying our best to make our bikes as affordable as possible to the public, we also are always on top of quality control by carefully choosing the best manufacturer available, conducting field-test ourselves, and inspecting each bike before selling..

 We value the availability of scooter parts to our customers, which makes us different from other competitors. From the first day we started our business, we realized that the merchandise we sold needed a full line of parts supplied. Even for our discontinued bike models we still stock the parts for customer who have previously bought the bikes from us.  We know once you have scooter or ATV troubles, without proper parts your product will become meaningless. Without fully prepared parts, warranty is in vain.


When you make a purchase, keep these points in your mind:

1,How many years has the company been in business? (for instance, several months after your purchase, a company out of business may leave you in a frustrating situation).  Check with the cities BBB to see what complaints the company has.

 2,In order to make a sell, most companies claim that they have a full line of parts, But where are the parts? Do not wait until the time when you need the parts then only to find out that they do not carry any parts at all, especially the ones you need.

 3,Some companies do not even have inventory, they have a web which promises anything they can to get your business, After getting your order, more than likely they will give the order to someone else. This is called Drop-shipping. You can only imagine what kind of service they will offer you?

 4,Some companies carry cheap price bikes, the quality is not even OK, but is considered very poor! Make your purchase wisely; do not only pay attention to price, but quality and the service area.  It will be a much better experience for you if you do your homework and consult fellow customers.

 5,We see companies that claim they give a one year warranty only for engine parts.  Some companies even say they provide a  two year warranty for the engine parts only. Let us state a fact to you: the engine is hardly ever going to go wrong in the first couple of years, but it is guaranteed that other parts will fail before the engine does.  Warranties actually come from profits.  Right now the retail Chinese made bikes profits are about 10-15%, some even less. Is that logical to you that these thin profits can cover you for 1-2 years? That is why they do not answer your call or they tell you that they will order parts from factory for you, and then 2 month later, still no parts.  Customers are telling us these kinds of stories every day, desperately looking for help. We wish we could be a help, but different bikes have different parts.  Although some parts are universal, most parts are unique and made solely for that bike or ATV.

Our business solely specializes in Scooters and ATVS.  Backed by a mechanic with over 31 years evperience, we feel confident to say we are experts in the Scooter and ATV business. We have a full trained staff on duty to answer any questions that you may have concerning your purchase of a new Scooter or ATV and troubleshooting any problems that may arise.

Customer Testimonials


  • "Will not shop anywhere else since I found your shop." Customer M. Dickenson
  • "You guys are so wonderful to me!"  Customer T. Lanning
  • "Everyone else can say goodbye to my business since I found you.  You guys are awesome."  Customer R. Price
  • "If Randy says it need fixed then it does.  He doesn't says things that are untrue."  Customer D. Godfrey
  • "No One can beat your prices.  Just shop around and they will see." M. Deen


The Scooter Doctor

665 Haywood Road

Asheville, NC 28806

Phone:  (828) 505-7044

Fax:  (828) 505-7044

Email:  thescooterdoctorasheville@outlook.com

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Company History

The Scooter Doctor was started by Randy and Kathy Ollis as a service business for scooters and ATVS out of their Candler, NC home in 2007.  Due to high customer demand for service, they soon outgrew their home and had to move to their current location located at 665 Haywood Road, Asheville. 

Although initially started as just a service shop plans changed in May 2009.  Carla and Michael Jones, Randy and Kathy's daughter and son-in-law, joined in partnership with them and opened a sales shop in conjuction with the service.  As of January 6, 2010, the sales shop had sold 116 new scooters in only 7 short months.  In addition to the scooters sales, we have also sold numerous ATVS, Used Scooters, and Scooters on Consignment. 
That fact right there shows a statement for the shop.  Honesty and Quality are what keeps our customers coming back.  We hope in the near future to open an additional shop for the convenience of our customers.

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